Stool Life

  • - Born: August 1981.
  • - Birth Name: Dorothy Vic Jo Aba Mensima Clerk.
  • - Enstoolment: April 11, 2016.
  • - Stool Name: Klo Dodue Nana Korlekour Amanfu I.
  • - Coronation: April 5, 2018.
  • - Title: Dipo & Kusum Maŋnyɛ of GaDangme Land.
  • - Realm: Ghana, Togo and Benin.
  • Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is the first Queen with a Royal Stool, serving Ga-Adangbe land in its entirety.

    Family Life

    Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is the 5th generation of the historically significant Clerk Family of Accra Ghana; founded nearly 2 centuries ago, in 1843, by Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue's great, great grandfather, Reverend Alexander Worthy Clerk. The Clerk Family produced many pioneering scholars in colonial Ghana including, Theodore S. Clerk, the first Ghanaian architect who designed and developed the port city of Tema and Matilda J. Clerk, the first woman in Ghana to earn a postgraduate diploma and the second Ghanaian woman to become an orthodox medicine-trained physician; this legacy continues in present day, through current family members including Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue's father, Dr. Alexander A. Clerk, the director of the world's first Sleep Medicine center at Stanford University.

    While Clerk family members have received distinctions in countless academic fields, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is the first Clerk to receive a Royal Stool and serve at the highest level of the Chieftaincy Institution as a Tribal Monarch. By accepting this position, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has also created a new branch in the Clerk family tree, where her descendants will carry the Clerk name and a successor will inherit her Stool and title.

    Academic Life

    Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV; a dual degree from both University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and has also completed postgraduate studies in Public Health from Kings College London. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has conducted extensive research throughout the African Continent on topic such as: youth uptake of HIV testing services, young peoples attitudes, beliefs and behaviors towards sexual health and the utility of puberty rites in contemporary African society. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has also graduated from 3 African Initiation Schools including uMhlanga in Swaziland, woUmhlanga in Zululand and dipo in GaDangme Land.

    Her emic participation and analysis of coming of age rituals for African girls was the focus of her masters thesis titled: Puberty Rites and Sexual Health; Repackaging Ancient Traditions To Meet The Contemporary Sexual Health Needs of Young People in Africa. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has also participated in research as a cultural authority and key informant for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue regularly shares her knowledge and experience, with the aim of fostering intellectual exchnges between GaDangme Land and other Traditional African Societies as well as the African Diaspora at large.

    Executive Life

    Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodoue is the Founder and Chief Executive of a number of entities including: The Kunim Foundation, a nonprofit corporation providing sexual health services to young people in Africa; KunimCare, a technology company specializing in mobile health solutions and KunimCoin, a cryptocurrency providing cross-country trade between the countries within GaDangme Land.

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