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Mannye Klo Dodue

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Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is a Career Philanthropist who has worked with international causes and also developed her own initiatives related to HIV prevention, sexual health promotion and traditional sexuality education in Africa. In 2014, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue conducted a 10-month tour of Africa, where she advocated for 'Sexual Health Practice' as a strategy, for improving the health status of African youth. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue engaged with government officials, policy makers and traditional leaders, to promote sector-wide collaboration on delivery of sexual health services. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue also engaged in awareness raising activities such as sexual health training sessions and condom distributions. In recognition of her efforts, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue was appointed by UNAIDS Ghana to serve as UNAIDS Roving Goodwill Ambassador to Africa, in conjunction with her tour. As a Roving Ambassador, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue promoted the Protect the Goal Campaign (PtG); part of a global initiative by UNAIDS and FIFA to prevent new HIV infections among young people. During her tenure, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue engaged with young people in schools, universities, youth organizations and football clubs, and encouraged hundreds of young people, all across The Continent, to take the PtG Pledge and protect themselves from HIV.

Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is also the Founder and President of The Kunim Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to HIV and AIDS relief and promoting sexual health among young people in Africa. Through The Kunim Foundation, Maŋnyɛ has successfully introduced a sexual health training program within Dipo, the Dangme customary rite. Through this program Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has repackaged the ancient Dipo rite to now include modern sexual health information that is on par with school-based sexuality education programs; through her leadership, Dipo is now a platform for addressing emerging issues in womanhood and a force for improving the overall health and social status of GaDangme girls. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue has also partnered with traditional councils and Royal Houses in Swaziland, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to extend The Kunim Foundation's programs to these countries.

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