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Mannye Klo Dodue

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The Queen

Her Majesty Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue Nana Korlekour Amanfu I, is the Dipo and Kusum Maŋnyɛ (Queen) of Ghana, Togo and Benin; a unique Queenship established and vested in Ghana, with jurisdictional authority in Togo and Benin. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue is the Paramountcy for female Customary Rites including: Dipo, Otofo, Otsetse and Adjifo and was enstooled (crowned) with the position of 'Dipo Maŋnyɛ' on April 11, 2016, in the Yilo Krobo District of Ghana. After one year of subsequent seclusion and traditional rites, Maŋnyɛ was also made Chief Custodian of GaDangme Kusum (custom) and the role of 'Kusum Maŋnyɛ' was added to her Stool (throne).

The Royal Stool upon which Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue sits, is not only a symbol of her office and authority to rule, it is also a symbol of unity for GaDangme as a unified kingdom; a realm that includes 7 Ga States, 9 Dangme States and 4 Traditional Settlements in Togo and Benin combined. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue possesses the only Stool with authority in all GaDangme traditional areas and a mandate for GaDangme as a whole. On April 5, 2018, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue was outdoored in the initial ceremony of her Coronation Year, where one of her roles as the Paramountcy for GaDangme female customary rites was consecrated. In the same year, Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue established the National Kusum Council; a collective of Elders, Custodians and Practitioners, who will now maintain the authenticity of GaDangme kusum and enhance the performance of annual festivals, throughout GaDangme Land. Maŋnyɛ Klo Dodue will aggrandize the identity of the GaDangme people by devoting her life to the revival, preservation and elevation of GaDangme culture and by leading in the development of a unified Ga-Adangme.

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